The final play of Super Bowl XLIII

Image via Wikipedia

OH MY GOODNESS! THE STEELERS WON THE SUPER BOWL!!!! Yeah, Super Bowl XLIII, 2 years ago. This year, in Super Bowl XLV… The Packers defeated the Steelers.

The Packers scored 21 points on turnovers in this game. And the Steelers scored 0 on 0 turnovers. The Steelers didn’t get any turnovers at all! All they did was turn the ball over to the Packers! That’s not how you win the Super Bowl, or a regular season game. It is a way to lose it though. The Packers deserve the trophy. They fought really hard to get here with all the injuries and everything. But, I wish the Steelers could have won. Then, they would be the only team with 7 Super bowls wins!

The final score of the game was 31-25 Packers, which was pretty close to what Brian Billick predicted. His prediction was 30-24… someone. He didn’t know who, but the score was going to be 30-24. Interesting. Oh well. Talk Later!


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