Wii Play – Tanks

European box art

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We got the Black Wii for Christmas, right? And it doesn’t come with Wii Play, instead it comes with Wii Sports Resort. Which is really fun! I’m glad we got it! So, my mom got Wii Play used at GameStop for $8 because our family has said so much about it.

So, I have gotten hooked on the Tanks game. OH MY GOODNESS IT IS FUN!!!! On Two player too! I was reading some stuff and everyone says that there are 20 missions in single player initially. Then, once you beat level 20, you get 80 more, totalling up to 100 missions. But, in 2 player, there are only 20 missions.

I was also reading that a TON of people LOVE this game and want it to become BIGGER. They were saying stuff like, you could customize your tank as you go, get new weapons, have a ton of enemies, do some sort of thing were you can do a 2-4 player death match, stuff like that! Or 2-4 player Co-op. That would be so much fun!

Does anyone agree with me?!


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