Well I had to write an investigative report…

Well, I had to write an investigative report for a writing assignment. So, I was surfing the internet to see what stories I could find, when I found a perfect story!!! Here it is…

Don’t you just love those bugs that are all over Pennsylvania right now making that ]annoying buzzing sound? The bug I am talking about has two popular names: Shield Bugs, and Stink Bugs. The question is: how do you get rid of these disgusting bugs?

“I squish them in a paper towel and then put it in a plastic newspaper bag and tie it up and put it in the trash,” said Wendy Coates. In an article on eHow.com, an eHow contributor says that many people just take the vacuum and suck the little stinkers up. But, the author says that people should focus a little more on keeping stink bugs away completely. Step two in the article says that you need to start outside. Spraying chemical repellents around window frames, crawl spaces, or anywhere they could get into your house will keep most bugs out. (http://www.ehow.com/how_2125558_rid-stinkbugs-house.html#ixzz1EKBMGR7E)

Royal Pest Management also says that prevention is most important and gives detailed tips to make sure the smelly bugs don’t get in:

  • Stink bugs are looking for a place to “overwinter” (hibernate). They are attracted to the brightest, most reflective side of the home (usually the south side) and then look for a way in for a cold/dark place to shut down and survive the winter.  Seal all cracks and crevices on the sunny side of your home, especially.
  • Stink bugs feed in trees in the summer and like leafy plants and fruits…like tomato plants.  Cut back the leafy plants so they don’t touch your house. Keep them at least a foot to 18 inches from the house. If you have a vegetable garden near your home (less than 20 feet), especially tomatoes, pull them out.”

That is from an article called “How to get Rid of Stink Bugs” by Teresa Masterson.

Some inventors have been working on traps that would catch and kill the stink bugs. KDKA’s Mary Robb Jackson did a report on some of these devices that are coming out. One that she discussed was RESCUE!’s bug trap. In an interview with Post-Gazette columnist Doug Oster, Mary found out that the trap is pheromone based.

“Meaning it’s a sex lure trap,” he said. It’s supposedly irresistible within a range of 20-feet,’ said Mary in her article.

Many are suggesting that the product will be $19.99 retail. It comes with a 2 week attractant supply and a 7 week attractant supply will be sold separately for $9.99.

A few months ago, an article came out on NJ.com about a man named Jody Williams of Delaware Township in New Jersey, who makes his own stink bug traps. He uses two 2-foot-square pieces of card board and three quarter inch thick pieces of wood. He staples two strips of wood on either side of one of the pieces of card board. Then, he uses his staple gun again to put the third trip on in the middle of the two parallel strips on the side of the card board.

The day before the rain hit last week he propped two traps against the side of his home. As the sun started to set he shook out the traps, counting 60 stink bugs in one, 80 in another. “There’s no question it works,” he said on Tuesday. “And it’s so simple, everyone can make one for themselves.”

“I hate these bugs with a passion,” said Williams. He knows he’s not alone, which is why he’s sharing his idea with readers instead of a patent attorney. “I feel like this is a service to the community. Everybody has them,” Are the final lines of the article on NJ.com.

Do you like it?


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