Weird Interview Questions

NFL Network

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I was watching NFL Network this morning and they had Marcell Dareus on set, a DL that worked out at the Scouting Combine today. The host asked if any teams asked him any weird questions in interviews. He said that there were a lot. He said that one of them was, “If we dropped you off in the woods, how would you get back to the city?” And he laughed and said, “Uh, the moss on the tree?”

Here is the whole thing, and if you don’t want to watch everything, the part I am talking about is about 2 and a half minutes into the video and ends at about 4 minutes…

So, why do you think that they ask these questions? Like: “What is the difference between an Orange and an Apple?” Well, later on in the program, they said that maybe it is for psychological reasons. Maybe they have a psycholigist looking at this and he determines some sort of stat? Something like, how do they react when they’re all serious and talking about football and then a curveball is thrown at them, and they want to see how he reacts! And then see how he reacts when they head RIGHT into the seriousness again. I don’t know if it is in that video, but Jim Mora said that once when he was coaching, a guy did an interview and for 10 minutes they just stared at each other.

One thing they said was, maybe they just run out of questions, although it would be pretty hard to do. Because you only get 15 minutes with the player. I don’t think that is the reason though.

Maybe it is just a way of loosening up the tension. You know? You’re getting a big interview and you’re sort of tense. So, maybe they just try and loosen you up a bit.

Well, I don’t know, but it is funny to hear about those questions. What do you think?


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