Sorry, I couldn’t put the little emphasis-line-thingy above the “o”.

Anyways, we are starting to learn spanish. We are using Rosetta Stone. So, we are doing stuff like: El niño tiene leche. That means: The boy has milk. So, it is pretty cool. I have never TOTALLY wanted to learn another language. For a while, I thought I might want to continue learning French after an 8 week class that was on France, but we learned some French. I forget every single word we learned in that class now (it was only a year or two ago, but…) but if you showed me a paper with some words on it, I might get some. But, I could NOT do a test or anything. Oh well…

Well, I guess that is it for now. Oh! Today I learned this really fun ( and sort of easy) song on my electric today. It is called Heartbreak Hotel! And, I’m guessing many people out there can say, “OH! That is by Elvis Preseley!”

Anyways… talk later!



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