First Soccer Practice

Soccerball with USA flag

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You guessed it! I had my first soccer practice yesterday! We had it indoors because the boro hasn’t said we can use the outside fields. So, we did it in a gym. We had 11 players there yesterday, and we played some 4 on 4 futsol, which is basically like soccer except it’s indoors, and you don’t throw the ball in when it goes out of bounds, you kick it in. So, we played with 1 goalie and three other players out on the field. But, you might be wondering how we played 4 on 4 with 11 players? Well, we had 2 teams with 4 players and 1 team with 3 players. The two teams with 4 players were green and gray. The team with 3 players was yellow. The yellow team had to have someone on either the green or gray team come on and play goalie for them. I was on the gray team.

I scored 3 goals during the whole thing. And let in two goals while playing goalie. I probably had an assist on every goal we had, because we only had 3 players out in the middle of the field.

I had a lot of fun at my first soccer practice of 2011! I can’t wait for the games to start!


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