I don’t know how they’re doing it, but my dog, 2 cats, and hamster’s blog is doing better than mine. I think it is because they are pets. And people like to talk to animals, because they are cute and fuzzy. I agree with that too.

Oh well! I had my first scrimmage yesterday for soccer. It was supposed to be a game, but our opponent was having roster troubles. So we are going to re-schedule the game and then beat them then. 🙂

Anyways, my coach emailed all of us and told us to come anyways and that we would just scrimmage against ourselves. So, we had enough people to do 8 on 8. I can’t remember if that included the goalies or not, but we had at least 16 people. No one scored in the 1st half, but I almost had an AMAZING header! One of our forwards was running down the right (my team’s right) side of the field while I was running down the left. We got into the box and then the forward crossed the ball. That is when he kicks it across the field to a teamate. I jumped up and then headed it toward the goal, but it barely hit the post! I thought I had a goal!

Then, in the second half, I went in as goalie. I have only ever played half a game as goalie, so I haven’t had much experience with it. So, I let in 2 goals. But, then, another player volunteered to play goalie, and I was happy. Because, I don’t really like playing goalie that much. So, I went out and made some cool plays! But, we did let in another 2 goals. So, my team lost the scrimmage 4-0. It was fun though.

Talk Later!


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