2011 Mock Draft – NFL

The new NFL logo went into use at the 2008 draft.

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I am here to do a NFL Mock Draft for 2011! I was watching Path to the Draft Saturday on NFL Network and they were doing a mock draft. I any of you don’t know what a mock draft is, it is basically a preview or prediction of the draft. And the draft is when players coming out of college get a chance to enter into the pros.

I am going to do the first ten picks in the draft. Here is what the draft order for those picks look like:

  1. Carolina Panthers
  2. Denver Broncos
  3. Buffalo Bills
  4. Cincinnati Bengals
  5. Arizona Cardinals
  6. Cleveland Browns
  7. San Francisco 49ers
  8. Tennessee Titans
  9. Dallas Cowboys
  10. Washington Redskins

Let’s Start this Mock Draft!

First up in the draft are the Carolina Panthers. The Panthers have been struggling to get something going for a few years. They got rid of Jake Dellome as their QB 2 years ago. And they have never had a sturdy quarterback since then. Jake Dellome wasn’t very sturdy either, but I think they had a fine quarterback.

The guys on Path to the Draft said that the Panthers might take Cam Newton. Because they have some talent in their wide recievers, and they have an good running back. Their line is ok and their defense needs a little work. I am going to agree with them on the quarterback issue. But, I am going to have the Panthers pick Blaine Gabbert coming out of Missiouri. I think that what the Panthers have struggled with lately with QBs are:

  1. They are not consistentely accurate
  2. They cannot get out of the pocket and still be accurate, while being able to get out of tackles.

Blaine Gabbert fits both of those I think. He is very accurate. And he can still be accurate out of the pocket. And he is cabable of breaking tackles.

Next up, we have the Denver Broncos. The Broncos picked Tim Tebow last year in the draft. That gave the Broncos 2 pretty good quarter backs. I would compare Tim Tebow to Blaine Gabbert in some ways. Tebow and Gabbert can break out of tackles and they are both pretty accurate. I would say that Gabbert is more accurate than Tebow, but they are still pretty comparable.

But for this draft, I think that the Broncos need a Defensive Linemen because of their switch to the 4-3. John Elway became owner of the Broncos and hired coach John Fox, who is switching up the defense. So, they are going to need more material for their linemen. So, I am going to pick Marcell Dareus for the Broncos.

In the third spot, we have the Buffalo Bills. The Bills have gathered a farely good offense. Their wide recievers could use some work, but otherwise, I think their offense is fairly good. They only thing, would be the line. I would go for the defensive side of the ball, and I think they should go for someone in the box: Either a linemen or a linebacker. I would pick a lineman so that the holes can open up for those linebackers to break into the pocket. But, I think that with as much talent that Von Miller has, and all the good defensive linemen in the draft I would go for Von Miller, the linebacker. Then, later in the draft, pick up a good defensive lineman.

In the fourth spot, we have the the Cincinnati Bengals. This is an interesting situation for the Bengals. They could pick up a good QB to replace Carson Palmer incase he retires permenantly. Even if he doesn’t it could be a good decision to go for a QB. But, I still think that Carson Palmer has some left in him. If the Bengals get Carson back, I would probably pick up A.J. Green (WR) to spice up that recieving corps a little for Carson. Even if he doesn’t I think that is a safe pick. NFL Network mentioned that as well. I think that picking up A.J. Green would be good for the Bengals in the first round. Cam Newton would be my second pick, because really, the Bengals have a pretty good line, running back, and defense. My third pick for the Bengals would be the offensive line.

But for now, I would pick A.J. Green.

In 5th are the Arizona Cardinals. The Cardinals need a quarterback. That would be my first priority if I was a member of the Cardinals, and at the moment Cam Newton is available in this mock draft. Even though, in Mike Mayock’s top 32 draft prospects (as of March 11th, 2011) Cam Newton is behind the qaurterback Jack Locker, I would pick up Newton. Locker needs some work in the pocket, while Newton is an all around QB I would say. I think that the Cardinals could build around Newton and they could become a top team. They have recievers and an OK running back, I think they need a little more on their line and defense.

The Cleveland Browns are on the clock in the 6th position. I think that the Browns really developed last year. They were able to develope a good running back and an OK quarterback. I don’t know if either player (Peyton Hillis, RB/Colt McCoy, QB) is a long term player though. I think that both of them could fall apart in the next few seasons. Or they could fly up to the top! I am not quite sure. But, I think that it is safe to stay with McCoy and Hillis for now. Their recieving corps is fairly talented as well. But, they could use some help in that area. Julio Jones could be a good choice for that.

The Browns also have a new Defensive Coordinator coming in and he is a 4-3 kind of coach, and the Browns are built for a 3-4 type of deal. So, I would focus a little on that. Maybe get a defensive lineman in the first round. But, I think a safety might be good as well. They need some play makers in the back of the D to stop big plays from happening. And more and more teams are turning into a passing team. I would also consider an offensive lineman. If they want to develop Colt McCoy, I would protect him, and that wold give Hillis some room.

But, they need to get that defense built, so I am going to go with Aldon Smith, the defensive end from Missouri. I think that he would give the Browns something to build on. He could be a good base for the Browns.

With the 7th Pick in the NFL Draft, the San Francisco 49ers select…  Christian Ponder. I think that Ponder is a great fit for the 49res. And I don’t think that Alex Smith has shown to be very consistent. Even though Ponder has had injury problems, he is amazing when on the field! And he can be really amazing in a west coast offense and that is exactly what the 49ers have. I think that the 49ers have been with Alex Smith enough, and they should turn to a new QB.

Another team that needs a QB: the Tennessee Titans. The Titans are 8th in the draft and I think they need a QB. They need a leader, and even though they have Collins, they need a young guy who can take over in Tennessee. And I think that the guy to do that should be not Jake Locker. I don’t know if Jake can take over this team. But, I think that Tennessee would be a good fit for him. I think that it could turn out not to be a good decision, but for now, I think Jake Locker is a good choice. I think Locker is the young young Mike Vick. And no, that is not a mistake. I really think he is a young young Michael Vick. Vick was jumpy before he went in to jail. And I think that Jake is jumpy as well. He is a GOOD runner with the ball, and he can throw, but not as well in the pocket. He is better outside. And that is what I think of when I think of the young Michael Vick.

So, Jake Locker is my final pick for Tennessee, and it could turn bad, but it could also turn good. Jake can work on his pocket presence and he can also work on leadership. That is something that he lacked in college. So, those are his two flaws, but I think he can work on both. Another thing that Locker could give the Titans is the element of surprise. The Titans have a really good running back in Chris Johnson, and if they get a QB that can run and pass, the D won’t know what to expect!

Number 9, the Dallas Cowboys. The Cowboys really struggled last year. They fired their coach and brought in their offensive cooardinator to replace him. That started to work out. I think that it started to work out because the Cowboys basically got a wake-up call with the firing of their coach. Anyways, my pick for the Cowboys is Cameron Jordan, the Defensive End from California. He reminds be a lot of DeMarcus Ware. He can play on the outside really well, but also break inside. He could also be a potential linebacker. I would keep on the outside of the line most of the time, but you could move him around to dissorient the offensive line.

And the last team in my mock draft, the Washington Redskins. I think Donavan McNabb is done in Washington and Andy Dalton will be coming to take over. Dalton knows how to read defenses and knows how to get the ball to his recievers. He has great accuracy and pretty good arm strength. I think that Andy could make a big impact in this league.

Besides a QB, I would pick up a running back for the Redskins. I would take Mark Ingram, the top running back in the draft this year, if I didn’t take Andy Dalton.

Well, I hope you enjoyed my mock draft. I enjoyed researching and looking at all these potential NFL players! Here is a review of my mock draft:

  1. Carolina Panthers – Blaine Gabbert, QB
  2. Denver Broncos – Marcell Dareus, DT
  3. Buffalo Bills – Von Miller, LB
  4. Cincinatti Bengals – A.J. Green, WR
  5. Arizona Cardinals – Cam Newton, QB
  6. Cleveland Browns – Aldon Smith, DE
  7. San Francisco 49ers – Christian Ponder, QB
  8. Tennessee Titans – Jake Locker, QB
  9. Dallas Cowboys – Cameron Jordan, DE
  10. Washington Redskins – Andy Dalton, QB

7 thoughts on “2011 Mock Draft – NFL

  1. birdbrain77 says:

    Wow! You definitely put a lot of thought into that mock draft.

    I’m not sure about Cam Newton, though. He seems like the kind of player who’s hit-or-miss at the NFL level. He could be the next Peyton Manning, but could also be the next JaMarcus Russel. I dunno.

    Also, I think the Browns have found something to build an offense around in Peyton Hillis and Colt McCoy. If the Browns can play some defense and get some better blocking from the other linemen besides Joe Thomas, they could be an AFC powerhouse. The fact is, if the Browns were in the NFC, they’d be a division-winner.

    • I agree with you on Cam Newton. I don’t think he is going to be the next peyton Manning though. He seems like he could be the next Roethlisberger, but not Peyton Manning. I am not saying that based on his skills, I am saying that based on how I think he will turn out in the NFL. He could be a Peyton Manning type QB, but not as good as him.

      And if anyone is going to be a Peyton Manning in this draft, I think it will be Andy Dalton or Christian Ponder. I think Christian Ponder will be a really good QB in the NFL. Andy Dalton seems like he would make a good impression in the NFL as well.

    • Actually, on the Cam Newton topic, I don’t think that he is going to be as good as everyone hopes that he will be.

      And I completely forgot about Gabbert in my last reply. I think he could be a Peyton Manning as well.

    • I was farely close here. The picks I got right were the Bengals taking A.J. Green and the Titans taking Jake Locker. And I just flipped Von Miller and Marcell Dareus around. The Bills took Dareus and the Broncos took Miller. Then, there were a bunch of trades, so a lot of the teams that were in my picks didn’t actually get a pick. But, I think that there were a lot of mock drafts that were just like mine: 1 or 2 picked correctly, 2 or 3 swapped, and a bunch of trades that no one could have gotten.

      Well, this was fun!

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