Happy B-Day!

Well, today is my birthday! So far, I have liked it. I was supposed to go camping, but the place we were going to go was too muddy. Oh well. I get to do other fun things.

I got 4 presents from people. My mom and dad got me a paintball gun back on black friday. And they gave it to me then because they didn’t know whether I would like it or not. But, I love it! So, I got that early present, then my aunt got me another early present: Madden 10 for the Wii. I was playing that game this morning and I won a Madden Showdown tourament thingy. It is fun!

Then, my sisters gave me each a present. They both gave me a Webkinz stuffed animal. One is a signature webkinz. It is the african rhino. It is cool. Then, the other one is a regular one and it is an Orangutang. He is cool too. I named them: Rocky (Rhino) and OJ, or O.J. (Orangutang). They gave me these presents at my grandparents house. We went over there to… celebrate my birthday! We had ice cream cake and pizza. We also played a card game called 5000.

I want to have a grilling/sports party type thing. Just have people over and grill and play sports. Two really fun things. 🙂

I know a lot of people with April Birthdays. Well, talk to ya later!


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