Flowers 3

I took more pictures of flowers! Some of these are pretty cool! I really like the one that shows the line of stamens (at least I think they are the stamens of the flowers… it would make sense they were) on the flower pedal. That one is an Iris. All the purple and blue ones are Iris flowers. And the pink ones are Clematis.

Again, Click on them! They are really cool close up! Especially the ones with the water droplets. The one that I was talking about above is also cool close up. The yellow ones and red ones and ones below them were taken on Easter Sunday, so they were not taken today. But the rest were from today. I’ll try to put which one from today is my favorite. I haven’t looked at the ones from Easter in a while so I think the yellow tulips are my favorite. But I am not sure. The ones with text under them are my favs.


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