Soccer ball.

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Hey people! I got my first goal of the season on Sunday at my soccer game! It was AWESOME! I was playing Left Forward and we were heading down the field. The center forward had the ball… in the center, and then he passed it to me while I was barely onsides. I was making sure I stayed onsides the whole time I was running down the field. I trapped the ball with my left foot and then shot the ball. I don’t remember exactly how the shot went, but I think it was about a foot off the ground and heading towards the bottom right corner of the net.

And the cool thing is, all this happened in the first minute of the game! I scored probably at the one minute mark! It was fun! We eventually won that game 3-0. That was our first win of the season. The other goals were scorred on a cross and a break away. It was an exciting game, for us at least. I am guessing it wasn’t for the other team. We could tell they were getting frustrated because they started shoving people all over the place in the final 2 minutes. But they stayed calm the rest of the game! So that was good. The referee wasn’t very good. There were probably about 5 hand balls and none of them were called. And the side line refs couldn’t make up there mind sometimes. Oh, and when the other team started doing all the pushing, the reff called them once. He probably let 3 or 4 shoves go…

Well, it was a good game. Sorry I haven’t been telling you about my other games, but nothing really interesting has been happening.

Well, I’ll try to post some interesting stuff up soon! Talk Later!



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