Mini Golf

A golf ball directly before the hole

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Well, I went mini golfing with my church youth group last night. It was pretty fun. We played 3 games. And there were three courses. We all split up into groups since there were so many people there, and I started out in a group of three people. In that game, I got one hole-in-one and one or two fives (Which is the highest score that you could technically get). I ended up finishing second with a score of 56. The third place score was 57 and 1st got 51.

In the second game, another person joined us and he just made it crazy. You know how some people jjust walk in somewhere and then it gets all crazy or at least more energetic?? Or just really weird and interesting??? Well, that is what happened here. On the second hole, he had everyone laughing like crazy. By the 10th hole I thought the one person in our group was going to die of laughter. And on one hole, this energykid got a 20 (even though you can only go up to 5) on one hole! He did that on purpose but it was pretty hilarious. We kept score in that game but I don’t think we actually added it all up.

Then, on the last hole, the energykid left us and it was back to the three amigos. On this hole we just messed around ’cause we wanted to have some fun. So, we did trick shots the whole time. And we didn’t keep score. And guess what? Last night, I think I had a better percentage (if they keep percentages in golf) of hitting into the whole when hitting it under my leg over just hitting normally. I don’t know if that made sense, so I did better walking up to the ball and stepping over it once and then hitting the ball in the general direction of the hole. Rather than standing there, all tense, sometimes loose, getting ready to swing, adjusts his line of fire, and here he goes, taps it and it barely misses!

Anyways, so yeah. It was fun! OH! And one of my friends actually played one of the arcade games that they had there and got 1008 tickets for hitting the jackpot on it! AMAZING! Isn’t it?!?!

Well, that’s all I have to say at the moment. Talk to ya Later!!!


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