Camping Weekend

My family went camping this past weekend! It was really fun! We went to Ohio Pyle. We left on Friday and came back today (Sunday). The camp ground was nice, at least the spot where we were. I’ll start on Friday…

Well, when we got there, we set everything up: the tent, the food, the sleeping bags, my parent’s air mattress, etc. Afterwards, we ate some dinner. We had ham BBQ sandwiches. And during the time my mom was cooking it and while we ate, it started to rain. At first it was just a drizzle, but then it started to pour. But, we were under some trees so we managed to stay dry. After dinner, I found a creek right behind our tent. So, me and my sisters played around in there. It was pretty fun. That took most of our time on Friday. But when we went into the tent, we still had some time until bedtime, so my Dad and I played 2 chess games and my sisters and my mom played In a Pickle. I lost both chess games by resigning, and I have no idea who won In a Pickle. When we turned all the lights off though, it was almost completely dark except for some star-light from above. But, that wasn’t that much AT ALL. So, it was DARK. So, I had trouble sleeping.

On Saturday, we woke up and I ate cereal for breakfast. Then, we got ready to go down into town for some biking. Some friends of our’s met up with us at the trails. They were going to stay with us for the day and then leave. We went on a trail for a little bit then came back to the parking lot. Then, we ate lunch in the car and everyone rode back to our campsite. We changed into our bathing suits to go to Cucumber Falls and the Rock Slides up there.

First, we went to Cucumber Falls. That was a lot of fun. I think that was my favorite part of the trip! A waterfall came down into a little canyon type area.

You could go under that water fall pictured and even behind it! Then a creek came down from the pool that was at the bottom of the waterfall. Around the whole thing there were plenty of rocks, both big and small, to climb over. So, that was like a big, fun playground.

Then, we went to the Rock Slides they have there, which I didn’t do that much for two reasons.

  1. The water was going pretty fast because of all the rain they had there.
  2. It was sort of cold, so I didn’t want to get wet.

There was 2 main areas you could “slide” down. The first one was really roaring, but it seemed like it wasn’t pushing the people that went down too fast. But, it looked sort of powerful once you get down it. Then, a little farther down was a really tiny one, that was pretty slippery. I went in that one for about 15- 25 minutes. I went down the “slide” once, and it wasn’t that fun.

Then, we went back to our campsite and we cooked hot dogs on the fire and then sat by the fire for a while. Then our friends left and we sat by the fire a little more. Then, we went to bed.

And today, we packed up and came back home. Went to McDonald’s and then picked up the dog from the kennel.

I had a lot of fun on our camping trip this weekend! I would definitely recommend that place for a small trip.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this little post! Talk Later!





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