Power of the Rules

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Rules can change things a lot. That’s what has happened to the NFL. I was watching the Pittsburgh Steelers @ Carolina Panthers NFL game on Thursday, and I thought of a few things that are new this year that I don’t like, as well as some that have been around for a few years.

The main rule that has been around for a few years that I think should be changed is the Excessive Celebration rule.

It was originally put into place in 2004.
The owners adopted a 15-yard penalty for excessive celebrations, the penalty will be in addition to fines previously in place for choreographed and multiplayer celebrations such as Joe Horn‘s hidden cell phone trick and Terrell Owens‘ end-zone autograph.

It was modified this year :
Rule expanded to say:  Stay on your feet. No more push-ups, sit-ups, boat-rowing, snow angels or worm crawls.  The rulesmakers also outlawed using the ball as a prop, adding it to the “foreign or extraneous objects that are not part of the uniform.”

If you are really looking for the history of the rule.  Back in 1984 a rule was introducted that said:
Unsportsmanlike conduct will also by called for any prolonged, excessive, or premeditated celebration by individual players or a group of players. This is usually referred to as the “Mark Gastineau Rule” because a major reason why this change was made was to stop him from performing his signature “Sack Dance” every time after he sacked an opposing quarterback.

That was from http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20061116191227AAbFboe on Yahoo! Answers.

It basically tries to speed the game up. And I can get why they want to do that. But then they have a new replay rule which may slow the game down! Anyways, the excessive clebration rule takes a little of the fun out of the game. In the Steelers/Panthers game, a PIT RB and PIT WR got a penalty because they did a celebration together. And that is not allowed. Only the person who scored the touchdown is aloud to dance around. The other players can only give him a high-5 and go to the sideline.

That is stupid in my opinion. Let them have fun! The fans love to see that too! If you want to speed the game up, just give them a penalty if the take a while to do their celebration! Or it takes the whole team to do it.

If you watch soccer, the teams do GREAT goal celebrations! Such as this:

Weren’t the great? Go to youtube.com and search soccer celebrations for more.

And they didn’t take that long at all! Please state your opinion by commenting on this page. I would love to hear what you have to say about this topic and other topics as well!

One other thing I don’t like that is new this year, is the kick-off spot! It’s terrible! They moved the spot of the ball up… I think it is 5 or 10 yards. And that makes a HUGE difference. I think I have seen 2 or 3 kick-offs in the whole preseason get RETURNED and not fly out the back of the endzone. You might as well start at the 20 yard line and not do the kick-off at all!

The kick-off is one of the unique parts of football. It isn’t like the rest of the game. It’s something different to practice, watch, whatever. I like to see if the kick-returner can get a TD on the opening kick-off or any kick-off. It’s fun! And whenever a team does actually get to return the ball, they get to about the 25 yard line. Maybe the 20. In the Steelers game I saw, or at least think it was him, Mewelde Moore return the ball to the 40! Best return I have seen in a while.

So please state your opinions on these topics, or give some other rules or changes that you don’t like or like. I love to hear from you!


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