Sorry about the nothingness I am really not…

Sorry about the nothingness… I am really not wanting to spend my time blogging any more. I have been playing guitar, playing chess, looking at fantasy teams, and listening to Sent by Ravens lately. If you don’t know who Sent By Ravens are, then you need to watch this video:

Here is another one of my favorites:

As you can see, they are a Christian Rock/Post-Hardcore band. If anyone can tell me what Post-Hardcore means, then please comment and tell me! Anyways, Sent By Ravens is my favorite band now. My favorite song is New Fire, the first video above video. My second favorite song of their’s is Beautiful List, the second song above.

I like the first song because of the guitar and the singing. The guitar parts are so complex and AWESOME sounding. I tried to learn the one part on my guitar, but I couldn’t do it. I want to attempt again. The second song I mainly love the singing. The melody goes perfectly with the guitar notes. It is like a bunch of birds singing perfectly in tune, with harmonies and everything.

Well, I hope you enjoyed those vids and songs! Go Sent by Ravens!


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