Dodge Challenger Rocks!

English: English: 2010 Dodge Challenger R/T Cl...

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Cars are really cool machines. I have recently gotten into cars because of the show on BBC, Top Gear. It is a great show! Anyways, I have been watching the show for about half a year now (maybe), but my love for the Dodge Challenger has exceeded that. Man! Does it look good! It is so simple that it is beautiful.

The Challenger has never been the best at speed and handling though, but last year, Dodge improved the speed and handling. The Challenger now has a top speed of 180 mph! Here is a review of the car from Motor Trends.


Well, this car is my all time favorite car and I really hope that more and more people start to appreciate the beauty of the simplicity.


2 thoughts on “Dodge Challenger Rocks!

  1. birdbrain77 says:

    I do really like the Challenger. But notice that even though it’s got all that horsepower, the Mustang kills it in a drag race. The Mustang hasn’t got the horsepower but beats the Challenger at its own game. The Camaro seems to be the best of the bunch in performance. But you’re right, the Challenger is among the most beautiful cars made anywhere. It’s a different kind of simplicity than there is in most simple cars.

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