Ok, so I am finally making my REAL STEEL review since it didn’t work on the other one. First of all, Real Steel is my favorite movie of all time! That is basically the whole review.

The acting was GREAT, the plot was GREAT, the story was GREAT, the robots were AWESOME, and… and… and… Everyone needs to see this movie. I really enjoyed this movie because everything was just done so wonderfully! I have heard some critics say that it was ok and that the plot was cheesy and everything, but even though the plot is sort of common, it is so much better than the critics say. I never listen to the critics anyways because we watched Nomeo and Juliet and right before the movie started, my dad got his Galaxy Tab out and looked up the reviews. He said that it wasn’t getting good ratingsat all from the critics. But we watched it and it was just fine! Wasn’t the best movie in the world, like Real Steel is, but it was still pretty good. And the humor in it was pretty good as well.

Sorry, I’m getting off track. Back to Real Steel. I told my mom and dad on the way home from the movie theater that if real boxing was robots punching each other, I would totally be into it! It is awesome! But instead we have people punching each other and making a big deal out of it. That is pretty stupid to me.

The robots were amazing too. For animation, (I am guessing that they were animated) the robots were fantastic. Everything was so believeable and fun and entertaining. If you don’t like this movie I hope that it is because you don’t like robots, sci-fi, or you were just really crazy that day. Because there is nothing that you can’t like about this movie! I would love to watch it again and if they made a 2nd Real Steel (although I don’t know what it would be about besides punching robots) I would want to go to the theaters right away and see it, because the first one is just so incredibly good.

Well, I am guessing that you have figured out by now that I love this movie and that I think everyone in the world should see it because it is so entertaining and fun! I give this movie a complete 5 stars and I don’t care what anyone says about that! It is final! Good night!



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