How I’ve Seen God in My Life

I haven’t seen many amazing miracles in my life, but I have noticed the many little things that God has thrown into my life. It is almost like God’s “stew”. When you make a stew, you can put in the main ingredient such as meat or noodles, but there is more to a stew or soup than just meat or noodles. Vegetables, spices, and even just plain old water are all important but sometimes unnoticed ingredients. The same thing happens in life! There is much more to life than big miracles and moments. The little things I have noticed are at my church on Wednesday nights and in my general way of life.

Lately, I have noticed many different “spices” of “vegetables” in my Wednesday night youth group. The lessons we do always seem to have some affect at the right time. For example, our most recent lesson was on worship and how we need to worship God through everything we do, and I have been noticing lately that, when I apply that lesson, my day has gone much smoother and simpler.

The other way I’ve seen God in my life is through the simple luxuries of my life. I have great parents and sisters, an awesome dog, cats, a TV, guitars, games, food, and water that I don’t have to walk thirty minutes to get. All this is a major blessing that I and many others have that we often take for granted.

I haven’t seen many major miracles or “meats” from God, but I have seen many smaller blessings and helpful moments from God. Those little spices and vegetables are a great part of life and I am gald God has laid his hand on those parts of my life.


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