Olympic Games Evaluation

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The 2012 Summer Olympics started a week ago in London. I love the Olympics because it shows great athleticism that we all have and it brings the whole world together to have some fun playing for some of the most prized pieces of gold, silver, and bronze. This summer’s Olympics has brought some great moments so far — Michael Phelps has just become the most medaled Olympian ever. That would be a great day to live out.

The Olympics also brings out some amazing sports that we usually don’t hear about or watch in every day life here in the US. Such as handball or fencing. I like watching those unique and more uncommon sports. But some of the sports in the summer Olympics are a bit odd to have included. I was having a discussion about this with my mom: why do we have such sports as badminton or table tennis in the Olympics? Isn’t the Olympics supposed to be a test of skill to see who are the greatest ATHLETES in the world? The definition for Athlete (from dictionary.com) is a person trained or gifted in exercises or contests involving physical agility, stamina, or strength; a participant in a sport requiring physical skill. Does badminton require physical skill? What I’m saying is when I think of the Olympics I think of hard-working, determined athletes.

Now I will say that you do have to have stamina for badminton, but not much else. You need a little bit of physical skill… but what kind of training can you do for badminton? Run a mile then play badminton for a while.

OK, I’ll stop now. I do like badminton: it is a fun game to play with friends and family, but it is just hard to take badminton seriously. Especially after what the Olympians did this year in Badminton. But I started writing this post for a reason that I have not gotten to yet. Everything leading up to this part in the post has been related to this questions: Do we really need sports like badminton in the Olympics? Which then leads to my main question that I really would like to hear people’s opinion on…



If I had to just choose 2 sports I would choose Diving and Synchornized swimming. I just don’t get those “sports”. That’s just MY opinion.

Then to add sports, I would say beach soccer and squash. I chose those sports from a list of potential sports for the 2020 summer olympics at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2020_Summer_Olympics. I think beach soccer would be extremely interesting and because of the high speed of squash I think it would be a great sport to show the reaction time of athletes.

So again, please comment and share your opinion!



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