Blog Reboot

I just ran upon this blog again today and figured, why not try to start it back up? I spend a lot of time doing stupid things with my life, why not do something sort of productive? Writing on a blog seems sort of productive. At least more productive than watching Psych episodes all day. Although that is fun, Psych really doesn’t provide anything that is useful in life except plenty of 80’s references.

So what I am going to try to do with my newly revamped blog is post useful pieces of information. With other things in life I am always trying to just have fun and make life great; but there is more to life than just fun and games. Life is full of issues and events that are serious and need to be considered. These things are what make life purposeful.

Now, the title and subtitle of this blog are pretty interesting so I want to keep them the same. So Target That Chicken! will remain, and it sort of fits with what I want to do. I want to Target the areas of life that are important. So let’s target some subjects of life!


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