Obamacare by the Numbers: Who Really Cares?

This Post, on the WordPress blog Bereans @ The Gate, presents some great stuff on Obamacare and the socialistic actions Obama is trying to enact. Also, some great perspective for Christians when dealing with politics and government. Good read!

Bereans @ The Gate - old

The Congressional Budget Office recently reported new numbers related to the impact of the Affordable Care Act.  The report provided good news for Democrats and other presidential supporters when it estimated that the number of uninsured has dropped to approximately 30 million Americans.  On balance, however, Republicans and opponents have more fodder for the political battle.  Insurance enrollments totaled 1 million less than anticipated.  More damaging yet was the $1.2 trillion price tag and the loss of an estimated 2.5 million jobs over the next decade due to the impact of Obamacare on the economy.

Too often opponents of Obamacare are accused of not caring about the disadvantaged.  It would seem these numbers suggest an alternative motivation for opposition.  Surely one can care about the disadvantaged without supporting a job-killing program that will inevitably reduce the quality of healthcare for all Americans.   We have fifty years of history in this…

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