CIY Conference

This past week I went onto a week long vacation ot Tennessee. This vacation was with my church youth group to CIY MOVE! This week was an awesome experience! Christ in Youth is a fun, entertaining, and very awesome way to learn about God and find what He wants you to do with your life! I definetely learned a few things through the week. It is also an amazing way to get closer to your youth group.

CIY MOVE was incredibly fun. The Music was awesome. The band, the Caleb Rowden Band, was exciting and played some AWEsome songs. Caleb Rowden is a great singer and really gets the crowd into the songs. The free time with the youth group was fun as well. We played Wallyball, four square, soccer, and we even played in a dodgeball tournament. We lost in the first game but it was an exciting game. The sessions and sermons were cool as well. The messages each speaker gave us were inspiring and moving. The stories shared were terrible, but such good testimonies of getting back to Christ through the darkness. We talked a lot about Trusting God and Fatherlessness. They emphasized on the first day that God is our Heavenly Father and we need to treat him like that–with respect, fear, awe, but also like a friend and helper for us.

The group that put the CIY week together did a fantastic job and I was very impressed with it all. They did a great job communicating, organizing, and creating a fun week for all us highschoolers; and they got some fantabulous speakers. They all spoke with such influenctial passion and kept me connected with the words they were saying. I loved it.

The CIY group also did a great job of focusing it all on the youth group. We did everything together, and we didn’t go off and make new friends and forget about the others that came with us–we still made new friends though. But the lessons, seating, and sessions were all great for connecting as a youth group. I enjoyed that a lot.

I have a lot of great memories now from that trip. I strongly encourage anyone or any church to go and attend this conference. It is awesome. I am already looking forward to going back again next summer.



Post of the Month: June 2011

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Well, my favorite post was………………………………………… Camping Weekend! Here is the link:

Well, the only other option was Mini Golf and that wasn’t to amazing. So, I just chose this one. I want to do one on Top 100: Players of 2011. But, I whenever I sit down to do it… I say, “I don’t REALLY want to do this NOW.” And that’s that. So, I hope I’ll have other more interesting things. Talk Later!

Post of the Month: May 2011

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Hey! Sorry this is a little late, but at least I am doing it! Right? Better late than Never. Anyways, I have decided what my favorite post was from May of 2011.

Epic Weekend is the winner! You can click on the link to the left to view the post. This was my favorite for 2 reasons.

  1. It tells about my birthday party, and just a long FUN weekend!
  2. I didn’t have a lot of other things to choose from

Now, to address the second reason, I did post a bunch of COOL pics I took. Or at least I think they are cool. I don’t know about everyone else. And for this month, I am going to be talking a little more about football I think. Because I have been watching the show on NFL Network, The Top 100 Players of 2011. The players of the NFL made lists of the top 100 players that are playing right now and then NFL Network made a show for it.

So, I’ll probably be debating some spots of some players.

Well, I’ll talk to ya’ll later!



News: May 2011

Alright! It is finally May in the year 2011! That means that we need to do two things.

  1. Get an Update on the stats from last month
  2. Find out what my favorite post of April 2011 was!

First, the stats from April 2011:

  • 175 posts
  • 3 Pages
  • 9 Categories
  • 266 Tags

As you can see, my comment count has gone up by alot!!!!! NOT! Anyways, I think only one person really looks at my blog. Maybe 2.

The next thing we need to get done is my favorite post! And here it is:

That is right! My Mock Draft for the NFL was my favorite post this month. You can chime in and tell me if you agree or disagree by commenting. We had a pretty good discussion with this post. I think that the discussion from the Favorite Post of March was better though. That was the post based on Libya. All that has calmed down now, but it is still going on.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this post! We’ll see what post wins the Favorite Post Award next month!!!!

Favorite Post: March 2011

I thought of an idea today: Give my favorite post from the month and post it again, of course saying that it was my favorite from the month. Well, I’m going to put my favorite post from March 2o11 on now, and it is…

The United Nations Get Involved in Libya

I posted this during the whole Libya uprising thing that was all over the news. It got a lot of comments, and I will agree with birdbrain77 that I sort of conrtidicted my self in it. But, it got some good conversation. Here it is:

I am just posting the link.

So, United Nations Get Involved in Libya gets the gold for March! I think I already know what my favorite post is for April too, but we’ll see at the end of the month…