Olympic Games Evaluation

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The 2012 Summer Olympics started a week ago in London. I love the Olympics because it shows great athleticism that we all have and it brings the whole world together to have some fun playing for some of the most prized pieces of gold, silver, and bronze. This summer’s Olympics has brought some great moments so far — Michael Phelps has just become the most medaled Olympian ever. That would be a great day to live out.

The Olympics also brings out some amazing sports that we usually don’t hear about or watch in every day life here in the US. Such as handball or fencing. I like watching those unique and more uncommon sports. But some of the sports in the summer Olympics are a bit odd to have included. I was having a discussion about this with my mom: why do we have such sports as badminton or table tennis in the Olympics? Isn’t the Olympics supposed to be a test of skill to see who are the greatest ATHLETES in the world? The definition for Athlete (from dictionary.com) is a person trained or gifted in exercises or contests involving physical agility, stamina, or strength; a participant in a sport requiring physical skill. Does badminton require physical skill? What I’m saying is when I think of the Olympics I think of hard-working, determined athletes.

Now I will say that you do have to have stamina for badminton, but not much else. You need a little bit of physical skill… but what kind of training can you do for badminton? Run a mile then play badminton for a while.

OK, I’ll stop now. I do like badminton: it is a fun game to play with friends and family, but it is just hard to take badminton seriously. Especially after what the Olympians did this year in Badminton. But I started writing this post for a reason that I have not gotten to yet. Everything leading up to this part in the post has been related to this questions: Do we really need sports like badminton in the Olympics? Which then leads to my main question that I really would like to hear people’s opinion on…



If I had to just choose 2 sports I would choose Diving and Synchornized swimming. I just don’t get those “sports”. That’s just MY opinion.

Then to add sports, I would say beach soccer and squash. I chose those sports from a list of potential sports for the 2020 summer olympics at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2020_Summer_Olympics. I think beach soccer would be extremely interesting and because of the high speed of squash I think it would be a great sport to show the reaction time of athletes.

So again, please comment and share your opinion!




Bills get winning field goal on Sunday

Wow! The Buffalo Bills are 3-0! And they beat the Patriots 34-31! The Bills are really running good right now. They have a special ingrediant this

season that’s making them so powerful! Want to know what that special ingerdiant is?

It’s DETERMINATION! When I was watching the Bills, I saw determination all over the place. They want to win and show everone that they are now a team that needs to be view as one of the greats. And I am starting to view them as one of the great teams, especially this for this year. They are hungry for the playoffs and most of all, the Super Bowl. Determination is how the Bills beat the Patriots on Sunday. They didn’t give up and knew that they could win the game.

Another suprising team is the Lions! They’re 3-0 as well! Now, they haven’t played a great team yet, but they played the Buccaneers and the Vikings, and they won both games. And the Viking game last week was fun to watch. It was 20-0, Vikings, at the end of the first half. And then the Lions scored 10 points in the 3rd quarter and 13 points in the 4th! And the vikings scored 3 points in the 4th to make it 23-23, so they went into overtime! The Lions eventually put in a field goal and won the game.

The Lions next three opponents are the Cowboys, Bears, and 49ers. So, I think we’ll start to see if the Lions can handle the better teams as well as the average teams.

Oh, and I am not to sure what the Lions secret ingrediant is, I don’t even know if they have one. I haven’t been watching their games intently, so I have nothing but what the highlights show me.

Well, the Steelers are doing pretty well! They are 2-1, their one loss being that pathetic game against the Ravens.

The NFL has been pretty entertaining this year, with injuries, surprise wins, surprise records, even surprise losses. And just because there are a lot of surprises doesn’t mean that the Steelers can make it normal by going to the Super Bowl. 😛

Power of the Rules

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Rules can change things a lot. That’s what has happened to the NFL. I was watching the Pittsburgh Steelers @ Carolina Panthers NFL game on Thursday, and I thought of a few things that are new this year that I don’t like, as well as some that have been around for a few years.

The main rule that has been around for a few years that I think should be changed is the Excessive Celebration rule.

It was originally put into place in 2004.
The owners adopted a 15-yard penalty for excessive celebrations, the penalty will be in addition to fines previously in place for choreographed and multiplayer celebrations such as Joe Horn‘s hidden cell phone trick and Terrell Owens‘ end-zone autograph.

It was modified this year :
Rule expanded to say:  Stay on your feet. No more push-ups, sit-ups, boat-rowing, snow angels or worm crawls.  The rulesmakers also outlawed using the ball as a prop, adding it to the “foreign or extraneous objects that are not part of the uniform.”

If you are really looking for the history of the rule.  Back in 1984 a rule was introducted that said:
Unsportsmanlike conduct will also by called for any prolonged, excessive, or premeditated celebration by individual players or a group of players. This is usually referred to as the “Mark Gastineau Rule” because a major reason why this change was made was to stop him from performing his signature “Sack Dance” every time after he sacked an opposing quarterback.

That was from http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20061116191227AAbFboe on Yahoo! Answers.

It basically tries to speed the game up. And I can get why they want to do that. But then they have a new replay rule which may slow the game down! Anyways, the excessive clebration rule takes a little of the fun out of the game. In the Steelers/Panthers game, a PIT RB and PIT WR got a penalty because they did a celebration together. And that is not allowed. Only the person who scored the touchdown is aloud to dance around. The other players can only give him a high-5 and go to the sideline.

That is stupid in my opinion. Let them have fun! The fans love to see that too! If you want to speed the game up, just give them a penalty if the take a while to do their celebration! Or it takes the whole team to do it.

If you watch soccer, the teams do GREAT goal celebrations! Such as this:

Weren’t the great? Go to youtube.com and search soccer celebrations for more.

And they didn’t take that long at all! Please state your opinion by commenting on this page. I would love to hear what you have to say about this topic and other topics as well!

One other thing I don’t like that is new this year, is the kick-off spot! It’s terrible! They moved the spot of the ball up… I think it is 5 or 10 yards. And that makes a HUGE difference. I think I have seen 2 or 3 kick-offs in the whole preseason get RETURNED and not fly out the back of the endzone. You might as well start at the 20 yard line and not do the kick-off at all!

The kick-off is one of the unique parts of football. It isn’t like the rest of the game. It’s something different to practice, watch, whatever. I like to see if the kick-returner can get a TD on the opening kick-off or any kick-off. It’s fun! And whenever a team does actually get to return the ball, they get to about the 25 yard line. Maybe the 20. In the Steelers game I saw, or at least think it was him, Mewelde Moore return the ball to the 40! Best return I have seen in a while.

So please state your opinions on these topics, or give some other rules or changes that you don’t like or like. I love to hear from you!


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Well, I have been pretty busy lately. So, I wanted to update you on the fun stuff in my life. Well, on Wednesday, July 6th, I had my first high school soccer practice at 8 AM. It was very tiring. We ran around the track that surrounds our field 7 times, and we ran 2 warm-up laps before. Then we did 25 push ups and 50 crunches or sit ups, whatever you want to call them. Then, we did a bunch of “workouts”, as our coach calls them. The one thing that we do all the time is have someone get on your back and you have to take them down the width of the field and back. Then, we did a bunch of scrimmages.

That is the way our practices run usually. We run, then stretch, then run a bunch more, then stretch, then do “workouts”, then scrimmages. All in a 2 hour period. We do that Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, every week.

Then, yesterday, I went to a youth group event. They had the MINI GOLF CHAMPIONSHIP, which I arrived late at because I was trying out for the worship team. So, I didn’t do the mini golf (which I expected that would happen) and just rode to the youth group leader’s house. There, we played handball first, then we ate some hamburgers. Next, we played Ultimate Fruit. This is the main thing I wanted to share with you.

Ultimate Fruit: Basically, it’s ultimate frisbee (professionally called Ultimate), except you use a fruit instead of a frisbee. There is a link above (see the Ultimate that is colored in blue/purple) to see the rules of ultimate frisbee (or Ultimate… :P). BUT!!!!! When you score a point, you have to take a bite out of the fruit!!!!! No matter HOW dirty it is! YUCK!

We used multipule fruits: 1 apple, 2 bananas, 2 kiwi, 2 pears, and 1 LEMON. Yes. One Lemon. I never scored a point with the lemon, and I think I am happy about that. I did however have to take a bite out of one kiwi, one pear, and I think maybe a banana, but I can’t remember.


Then, we played some more hand ball.

We did this all under the hot summer sun, so I got a little sun burned on my face.

Well, that is what I have been doing lately. I guess I’ll post more if something interesting happens in soccer. Otherwise, I don’t know what I’ll talk about. OH! And how about that Brazil vs. United States Women’s soccer match on Sunday?! That was EXCITING!!!! I am going to watch the match on Wednesday: United States vs. France! That should be fun!

Well, I guess I’ll talk to ya later! See ya!

Mini Golf

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Well, I went mini golfing with my church youth group last night. It was pretty fun. We played 3 games. And there were three courses. We all split up into groups since there were so many people there, and I started out in a group of three people. In that game, I got one hole-in-one and one or two fives (Which is the highest score that you could technically get). I ended up finishing second with a score of 56. The third place score was 57 and 1st got 51.

In the second game, another person joined us and he just made it crazy. You know how some people jjust walk in somewhere and then it gets all crazy or at least more energetic?? Or just really weird and interesting??? Well, that is what happened here. On the second hole, he had everyone laughing like crazy. By the 10th hole I thought the one person in our group was going to die of laughter. And on one hole, this energykid got a 20 (even though you can only go up to 5) on one hole! He did that on purpose but it was pretty hilarious. We kept score in that game but I don’t think we actually added it all up.

Then, on the last hole, the energykid left us and it was back to the three amigos. On this hole we just messed around ’cause we wanted to have some fun. So, we did trick shots the whole time. And we didn’t keep score. And guess what? Last night, I think I had a better percentage (if they keep percentages in golf) of hitting into the whole when hitting it under my leg over just hitting normally. I don’t know if that made sense, so I did better walking up to the ball and stepping over it once and then hitting the ball in the general direction of the hole. Rather than standing there, all tense, sometimes loose, getting ready to swing, adjusts his line of fire, and here he goes, taps it and it barely misses!

Anyways, so yeah. It was fun! OH! And one of my friends actually played one of the arcade games that they had there and got 1008 tickets for hitting the jackpot on it! AMAZING! Isn’t it?!?!

Well, that’s all I have to say at the moment. Talk to ya Later!!!

Epic Weekend

I had a really fun weekend this week! It was mostly excersise! It was fun excersise though! I’ll start off on Thursday. Thursday, I had soccer practice and I scored a goal while doing a drill. Not to much else happened then. Friday was BIG. A lot of things happened on Friday!

Friday I had my birthday party, except it is over one month past my birthday. Oh well. So we prepared for that all day instead of doing school. (I can do this since I am homeschooled!) I cleaned up my room and our living room and school room. Then, I mowed the grass. I did the entire yard, which I usually don’t do. Our yard is fairly big, so me and my dad usually split it: front and back. Well, my dad was working so I decided to do the whole thing. So, that already took energy out of me. Then, I waited about an hour until my friends arrived. They started arriving at about 3:30 PM. The party was going to go until about 8 that evening. It was a sports/cook-out party! It was AWESOME! We had 6 players to start out with, making everything 3 on 3, but then one of my friends had to leave early to go to another friends house. So we had 5 players. But I will start at the beginning of course…

First we went over to our park (which is a block or two away) and played touch football. We had a pretty small field, so the first kick off went all the way down to the opposing teams 30 (remember, this is compressed so the 30 is like 5 actual yards away from the endzone… maybe 10) yard line. Anyways, I can’t remember the whole thing, but I remember my team lost, 10-9. We then moved on to basketball. Basketball was just a fail, especially on my team’s part. We were just terrible, I think we lost 20-2!! I don’t really want to remember that game. It was bad.

Next we played a quick game of hockey because the food was almost ready. We played to three. It ended up to be pretty close I think. I think my team lost 3-2, but we were leading for the beginning of the game! I don’t remember much about that game. Then, we went to eat food! oh, this is where my one friend left.

My dad had grilled hot dogs and BBQ ribs over our fire place outside. We also had chips, soda (or pop as birdbrain77 says), and watermelon. It was a perfect summer meal. At the end of the meal we had ice cream, and when we were done with that, the joker of my friends started putting on a fake news cast. It was hilarious and annoying at the same time!!! And fun!!! M-kid ( the joker) kept switching characters and then us other folk occasionally switch characters as well. It eventually turned into the news reporter getting shot, a hurricane started in Oklahoma, and something about the party, but I can’t remember what.

After dinner, we went back up to the park and played hockey. And because J-kid left, we had me and M-kid against A-kid, C-kid, and N-dude. Me and M-kid started out scoring the first goal. We were passing a lot and making some pretty nice plays! They would have been nicer if they had gone in though. And the other team was basically getting a bunch of break aways because we only had 2 players. But we held it together! All the way to the end! We played to seven! We scored aa few times because of some nice moves by M-kid and some passing by me, but when we scored our fourth goal, the team of three scored their seventh right after. So, we lost, but it was fun!

Then we played a quick game of tackle football. That got interesting. We had an all-time QB (A-kid/birdbrain77) and 2 teams of 2. It was me and C-kid vs. M-kid and N-dude. We eventually said that on kick-offs it is tag. Otherwise, it was tackle. I made some catches, and I think I scored one touchdown. But overall, I didn’t do so great. I think I lost that game too.

Well, that was Friday! On Saturday, we drove 3 hours up to Wooster, Ohio to an orphanage. Someone from our church was up there all week and he said that if anyone wanted to come up and help fix things up, that they could come. So, we went up! It was really hot, so eventually I got pretty tired and had to sit down for a little bit. Anyways, at first I was assigned to help weed (I don’t get why it isn’t called unweed) the garden. That was boring. But then I went over and helped my dad cut down some pine tree branches and one full pine tree. They weren’t very tall, but still big. When my dad cut the branches down, we would put them in a pick-up truck that the manager of the orphanage gave us. We emptied all the branches in a pile back where I heard someone call the junk yard. The orphanage burns the pile of stuff later when it gets big I guess.

So, the pine needles scratched me all up while I was doing that, and as I said before, I eventually had to rest for a while because I got so tired from all the activity I was doing!

On Sunday, I had a soccer game. It was fun, but we lost 6-0. They were the best team in the league, and we are tied for second to last i think, so I guess I sort of excected a loss, but not that big a loss. Anyways, I made a few plays, but nothing big. Then, I went over to my grandparents house and played cards. So that was fun! First we played Phase 10. I won that game! Then we play 5000 and I lost terribly. 😦

Well, that was my weekend! I hope you had a good weekend just like me! Talk Later!!!


Soccer ball.

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Hey people! I got my first goal of the season on Sunday at my soccer game! It was AWESOME! I was playing Left Forward and we were heading down the field. The center forward had the ball… in the center, and then he passed it to me while I was barely onsides. I was making sure I stayed onsides the whole time I was running down the field. I trapped the ball with my left foot and then shot the ball. I don’t remember exactly how the shot went, but I think it was about a foot off the ground and heading towards the bottom right corner of the net.

And the cool thing is, all this happened in the first minute of the game! I scored probably at the one minute mark! It was fun! We eventually won that game 3-0. That was our first win of the season. The other goals were scorred on a cross and a break away. It was an exciting game, for us at least. I am guessing it wasn’t for the other team. We could tell they were getting frustrated because they started shoving people all over the place in the final 2 minutes. But they stayed calm the rest of the game! So that was good. The referee wasn’t very good. There were probably about 5 hand balls and none of them were called. And the side line refs couldn’t make up there mind sometimes. Oh, and when the other team started doing all the pushing, the reff called them once. He probably let 3 or 4 shoves go…

Well, it was a good game. Sorry I haven’t been telling you about my other games, but nothing really interesting has been happening.

Well, I’ll try to post some interesting stuff up soon! Talk Later!