Soccer Season

A soccer/football ball.

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March 22, 2011
Well, I am going to go to my first soccer practice this year on Thursday. I was supposed to go yesterday, but I sort of re-injured my foot. I twisted it a little. But, I twisted it enough that I was half limping and I was not going to be able to play around with a soccer ball. But, the next day, I was able to play some football with my friend birdbrain77. and we had a punting contest. ‘Cause I was able to run and stuff, but I couldn’t bend my foot to the greatest exctent.
Anyways, yesterday I went to the YMCA that we have up here by our house. I rode a stationary bike for about 40 minutes. While I was doing that, I was watching House Hunters! Great. There wasn’t anything else on, so I just chose to watch that. 
I’ll update you… probably after Thurday’s practice. Our first game is against my personal rival. I don’t know if they will be our team rival. But, I always want to beat them. Talk Later!

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