Swimming Season

I just thought of another idea! I have swimming this summer and I thought, “Why not post about that?! Since my soccer season is basically over.” By the way, I have 1 more game left in my soccer season. Anyways, I am starting swim team on June 3rd. So, hang on to your hats (again) and await more news from me!!! 

*    *    *   *   *   *   *   *   * 

I had my first practice on the 3rd of June and it was pretty hard on my body. Because I have not been very active over the spring and winter. So, I felt a little sick afterwards. But I was fine after a little while. Our second practice was cancelled because of thunder storms. I am not going to the 3rd practice because my sister is sick. So, I am going to have to really work our next practice. I’ll keep you posted!! 

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   * 

June 13th 

Well, I’ve gone through 3 days of swimming. Wow. It feels like it should be more than that. Anyways, I should have gone through 7 days of swimming, but my sisters were sick so I haven’t been able to go. In my second practice, we did time trials. I don’t remember what my times were. I’ll try to post them. Then on day 3, we did a work out. We did (I think this is what our coach said we were doing) 10 75’s, free style kick. So, we grabbed our kick boards and started kicking! About 3/4 of the way through, I didn’t know where we were in laps. So, I asked my friend, “How many more? It feels like we have been doing these forever!” And my friend who was breathing really heavy, told me he had no idea. Then, we stopped. Then we did 20 run arounds. Run arounds are where we dive in and swim to the other end of the pool. Then we get out and run/walk around to the start again. Then we do the whole thing over and over again, and in this case, 20 times. So, we did ten, then we took a break. Then did the other ten. I didn’t have that much trouble with it. Then, the last thing we did was see how far we could go under water with out a breath. I didn’t do so well, because… 

1. I didn’t take a very good breath before diving in. And… 

2. I kept slowing myself down when I tried to get my arms in front of me after doing a stroke. (Because I was under water) 

So, yeah. That is it so far. We have our first meet this Monday! Have a happy Summer!! 

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   * 

June 16th 

We had our first swim meet on Monday the 14th! I was swimming 2 events. Event 18 and 30. The swim meets we go to go up to 30 events. Well, we got up to event 7 and someone on our team that was supposed to swim in event 8 got a nose bleed. So I had to fill in for him. So, I ended up swimming 3 events. Oh! I forgot some thing. Last year, we went undeafeted and so we moved up to Division 1. Well, our team has had a history of making it to Division 1 and then we get totally dominated and move down. Then we do well, and move up. Then down. Then up… 

Yeah, you get the picture. Well, the event was a Free Relay. I don’t remember if it was a 50 (2 lengths of the pool) or a 25 (1 length of the pool), but I do remember that we didn’t do so good. Then, I swam in event 18. That was an individual 50 Freestyle. I got a time of 27.78, I think. I don’t remember exactly. And we lost that one also. Then I swam in event 30, which was also a 50 Free style relay. Now, to my surprise, I got my best 50 Free time this year. My time was 27.40. And guess what? When I dove in to the water, my goggles filled with water, and I couldn’t fix em’ or I’d been disqualified. 

Well, the first meet ended with the score 117-76. And we weren’t on the winning side of it. I think that we will win about 3 meets this year, but those meets will be close. Well, have fun in the sun! And Water! 🙂 

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   * 

June 19th 

Well! We are now 0-2! We had our second meet on Thursday, June 17th. I swam in 3 events this time. I swam in events 2,8, and 30. The first event was 2. Event 2 was a 200 meter Medley Relay. In a Medley Relay, each of the 4 people involved in the event swims a different stroke. But there is an order to the storkes. The order goes, Back Stroke, Breast Stroke, Fly (Butterfly), then finally, Free Style. Well, I swam Fly. Now, Fly is my worst stroke and my least favorite. And I also had to swim a 50 (Down and Back). I swam OK on the first length of the pool. Then, I got tired on my way back. So, I didn’t do that well. 

Then I swam in 8. Which was a 200 Free Style Relay. Well, I beat my time again in this relay. Instead of a 27.4, I got a… I FORGET!!! I’ll post that later. But I beat that time in event 30! So, I have beaten my time every single time that I have swam. Awesome! Now, the score of this meet was… 

106-83 Opponents. Yeah, we lost. I think that we are going to lose most of our meets. Well, I am enjoying my weekend a lot! I hope you are also!! Happy Fathers Day!!! 

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   * 

June 25th 

Well, we had two meets this week. One on Teusday and one on Thursday (Yesterday). The first one was better than our other meets, but we still lost. I swam in a 100 Butterfly relay, so I was swimming one length of the pool. Well, that didn’t go so well, because Fly is my worst stroke. Then I swam in a 200 Freestyle Relay. So I swam 2 lengths of the pool. I think I did pretty good that time, but we still lost the event. But that didn’t matter because we were alternates. The final score to that one was 120-100, opponent. 

The second was very tough but it was pretty close! I didn’t here the score and I forgot to ask who won this morning at swim practice. All I know is that we lost. The reason that it was tough was because the pool was way longer than our pool. Swimming a 50 (2 lengths of the pool) in there pool was like swimming a 75 (3 lengths of the pool) in our pool. So, everyone was pretty tired after that meet. I swam Freestyle the whole time. And I was swimming in event 2 and 8 our of 30. So, I was done very soon. In the first one, I was swimming in a 200 medley relay, with my friend birdbrain77. He was swimming Fly. Well, we started off pretty good. We took the lead, but it wasn’t a very good one. Then we lost the lead with the second person, but we were still in it. Then bb77 jumped in and we started to lose it the lead. Partly because the pool was so long, and because the other person swimming was really good at Butterfly. Then I jumped in and started swimming Freestlye. When I got about 3/4 of the way down the second length of the pool, The Hammerheads (The other team) finished. So, we lost that one. Then we lost the event 8 as well. I swam a 50 Free again. Again, we lost the meet and I don’t know the score. 

Well, that is it for now! Have a good Weekend!!!! 

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   * 

July 8th 

Wow! We haven’t been to a swim meet in forever! I don’t even know if there was one lasdt week, but I know we don’t have one this week. It has been SO hot out the past week or two! For swim team today, we are doing the Swim-a-thon, where you swim as many laps as you can. But, before the swim-a-thon, you get sponsers. And for every lap you do, your sponsers will pay the pool hoever much money the gave per lap. So, for example… If I get a sponser to give a dollar every lap I swim, and I swim 30 laps, then my sponser will give $30.oo…

Makes sense? Well, I forgot to get sponsers so we are just not going. Well, I will tell you about or next swim meets when the come! See Ya!!

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   * 

July 14th

So far, my swimming season has bean pretty good. We were 0-4 on Monday the 12th, but that is ok. Because we had fun on Teusday night. We moved up into division 1 this year since we went undeafeted last year in division 2. And the amazing thing is, Sherry, our coach, joined the team when we were in division 2. The first year she coached our team, which I was not on yet, we won 0 meets. And now, we go undeafeted in 2009 in division 2. So, we move up to division 1 and start losing a bunch.

But, that is all about to change. We had a swim meet on Teusday night and it was against one of the lower teams in the division. If we were going to win something this year, it would be this meet.

I was swimming two 50 frees. One of them was in a relay, and the other was an individual. Now, it started to rain just as the meet was going to start so, we had to swim in the rain. I swam in my relay and we got 3rd out of 4 other relay teams. Then, I swam in my individual 50 freestyle. I didn’t really want to get in because they moved all the alternates to the end of the meet so that they could get the swimmers swimming for points done. And I was an alternate. So, I had been standing out in the rain with my towl over me so that I would stay dry.

Anyways, The gun shot and I dove in. Since the team we were facing against had so few swimmers, they didn’t have any alternates in my group. So, it was all my team. I had been working on my flip turn every time I got the chance that day, and I REALLY improved. So, that lost a lot of time for me, which is good. My best time before was 25.7. Well, in the race, I finished 2nd by about a stroke, and my time was 24.22! AWESOME! That is my best time for a 50 Free all my career as a swimmer!! Everyone in that race was behind or ahead of someone by about a stroke. It was really close.

Well, we WON that meet! So, now we are 1-4! That is a big accomplishment for us! And we have a chance, not as big as a chance, but a chance to win the next one! That will be my last meet until Champs, because we are going on vacation the last week of swimming. Oh Well! Have a good rest of the summer!!


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