I like making weird comparisons, so here is one involving cheese–a yummy, delicious, fantastic, amazing, scrumptious, beautiful, odd, weird, disgusting, crazy, wacko, perfect, awesome, totally rad piece of food which I have decided to relate to the Bible as a whole. BAM!

You know what I am talking about with that title up there… That yellowish, more often whitish, stinky, weird looking, cowified delicious stuff that always surprises my mouth with its goodness is everywhere. Something like that needs to be examined when it fills so many of our favorite dishes. From lasagna, to pizza, to cake (as in cheesecake), to burgers, to crackers (as in cheese and crackers), to the great spray cheese, cheese fills life. When I say “fills”, I mean both literally and figuratively…

Cheese fills my stomach and surrounds my everyday life. So what in the world is it?

No one knows…

But I believe cheese can be compared very easily to the Bible. It is kind of weird, often times white, sometimes weird looking, probably not cowified, but definitely (figuratively) delicious. It surprises me too. It surrounds my life spiritually as it pours out so many truths into my thoughts and beliefs. Something like that needs to be examined, just like cheese. The other thing, though, is that we can’t really tell what it is. Somehow, the Holy Spirit uses God’s word to guide us and help us through our lives. It is a magical, but rational, gift from God which has helped me get a glimpse of who He is.

I know, I am making a weird comparison here, but I like cheese and I like the Bible so I would like to make it okay to eat cheese, some how, from a biblical standpoint. The Bible carries so much weight to it in our lives and we need to take it seriously. Read it, feel it, smell it, (figuratively) eat it, touch it…


Micah 7:8:  Do not gloat over me, my enemy! Though I have fallen, I will rise. Though I sit in darkness, the LORD will be my light.


Fly Fly Away My Beauty

Have you ever experienced the annoying sensation of knowing a fly is buzzing around you or your food? When you are aware of a fly buzzing around you or the objects that you originally thought you were going to throw into your stomach, a terrible hatred is brought up within us. If you have not experienced this hatred then you must be extremely lucky, or you live in Antarctica. Either way, the fly, whether it be a regular house fly, a deer fly, a fruit fly, a horse fly, or any other kind of fly, they all tend to be mindbogglingly annoying. Why is this? Well the simple and obvious answer is that they buzz around us and are rather disgusting when analyzed. They never seem to leave.

This weekend I realized something. I went camping this weekend and of course we had food. This food was mighty delicious, as was evident by the flies gathering around it and the plates that were sitting around this food. I immediately felt a hatred towards these flies. How could they go around thinking they had the authority to steal and dirty our food? These worthless little annoyances needed to just scram so we could enjoy our fire and canned apple pie filling in peace. In this moment of hatred is when I had my moment of realization: What if that hatred towards the flies is a sin? I was hating God’s creation! God did create those flies and he said that his creation was good every time he created something (Book of Genesis). I was condemning God’s creation to death. How cruel is that? Yes they were bothering us, but what if that is Satan? What if the devil is using God’s creation to fuel our sinful nature by presenting it in an annoying way? Romans 1:20 says some pretty crazy stuff when Paul says, “For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities–his eternal power and divine nature–have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that people are without excuse.”

As I thought about this, I sat and observed these flies sitting on our paper plates. They were so cool. They were so disgusting but in a cool way. God was there showing himself through those tiny little beings! Magnificent! All I had to do was slow down and just see the flies as what they were–God’s creation. But, please take a moment and slow down right now as you read this. If I saw God through some little annoying flies that could possibly be used by Satan, what could God do with us? We have the opportunity to accept and share Jesus’ sacrifice and the gift of the Holy Spirit that comes with it. That is powerful.

Now I am not saying that these thoughts are all completely true and we should stop hating flies. No, I am just making a point to focus your attention on where God is. He is everywhere! He is in those little flies, the wheat in the fields, the flowers in your garden, the water flowing from your sink, and the brain in your head. God can reveal himself to you through so many things. We just need to look for Him. Also, Satan can use many different things to bring us away from God and we need to be careful of these things.

So next time you see a fly, or something else that may annoy you often, try to look for a glimpse of God in that subject and realize how much God can do with our lives if we surrender them to Him.

Epic Weekend

I had a really fun weekend this week! It was mostly excersise! It was fun excersise though! I’ll start off on Thursday. Thursday, I had soccer practice and I scored a goal while doing a drill. Not to much else happened then. Friday was BIG. A lot of things happened on Friday!

Friday I had my birthday party, except it is over one month past my birthday. Oh well. So we prepared for that all day instead of doing school. (I can do this since I am homeschooled!) I cleaned up my room and our living room and school room. Then, I mowed the grass. I did the entire yard, which I usually don’t do. Our yard is fairly big, so me and my dad usually split it: front and back. Well, my dad was working so I decided to do the whole thing. So, that already took energy out of me. Then, I waited about an hour until my friends arrived. They started arriving at about 3:30 PM. The party was going to go until about 8 that evening. It was a sports/cook-out party! It was AWESOME! We had 6 players to start out with, making everything 3 on 3, but then one of my friends had to leave early to go to another friends house. So we had 5 players. But I will start at the beginning of course…

First we went over to our park (which is a block or two away) and played touch football. We had a pretty small field, so the first kick off went all the way down to the opposing teams 30 (remember, this is compressed so the 30 is like 5 actual yards away from the endzone… maybe 10) yard line. Anyways, I can’t remember the whole thing, but I remember my team lost, 10-9. We then moved on to basketball. Basketball was just a fail, especially on my team’s part. We were just terrible, I think we lost 20-2!! I don’t really want to remember that game. It was bad.

Next we played a quick game of hockey because the food was almost ready. We played to three. It ended up to be pretty close I think. I think my team lost 3-2, but we were leading for the beginning of the game! I don’t remember much about that game. Then, we went to eat food! oh, this is where my one friend left.

My dad had grilled hot dogs and BBQ ribs over our fire place outside. We also had chips, soda (or pop as birdbrain77 says), and watermelon. It was a perfect summer meal. At the end of the meal we had ice cream, and when we were done with that, the joker of my friends started putting on a fake news cast. It was hilarious and annoying at the same time!!! And fun!!! M-kid ( the joker) kept switching characters and then us other folk occasionally switch characters as well. It eventually turned into the news reporter getting shot, a hurricane started in Oklahoma, and something about the party, but I can’t remember what.

After dinner, we went back up to the park and played hockey. And because J-kid left, we had me and M-kid against A-kid, C-kid, and N-dude. Me and M-kid started out scoring the first goal. We were passing a lot and making some pretty nice plays! They would have been nicer if they had gone in though. And the other team was basically getting a bunch of break aways because we only had 2 players. But we held it together! All the way to the end! We played to seven! We scored aa few times because of some nice moves by M-kid and some passing by me, but when we scored our fourth goal, the team of three scored their seventh right after. So, we lost, but it was fun!

Then we played a quick game of tackle football. That got interesting. We had an all-time QB (A-kid/birdbrain77) and 2 teams of 2. It was me and C-kid vs. M-kid and N-dude. We eventually said that on kick-offs it is tag. Otherwise, it was tackle. I made some catches, and I think I scored one touchdown. But overall, I didn’t do so great. I think I lost that game too.

Well, that was Friday! On Saturday, we drove 3 hours up to Wooster, Ohio to an orphanage. Someone from our church was up there all week and he said that if anyone wanted to come up and help fix things up, that they could come. So, we went up! It was really hot, so eventually I got pretty tired and had to sit down for a little bit. Anyways, at first I was assigned to help weed (I don’t get why it isn’t called unweed) the garden. That was boring. But then I went over and helped my dad cut down some pine tree branches and one full pine tree. They weren’t very tall, but still big. When my dad cut the branches down, we would put them in a pick-up truck that the manager of the orphanage gave us. We emptied all the branches in a pile back where I heard someone call the junk yard. The orphanage burns the pile of stuff later when it gets big I guess.

So, the pine needles scratched me all up while I was doing that, and as I said before, I eventually had to rest for a while because I got so tired from all the activity I was doing!

On Sunday, I had a soccer game. It was fun, but we lost 6-0. They were the best team in the league, and we are tied for second to last i think, so I guess I sort of excected a loss, but not that big a loss. Anyways, I made a few plays, but nothing big. Then, I went over to my grandparents house and played cards. So that was fun! First we played Phase 10. I won that game! Then we play 5000 and I lost terribly. 😦

Well, that was my weekend! I hope you had a good weekend just like me! Talk Later!!!