No Man Is An Island

Tenth Avenue North has released a new EP called Islands which includes the song “No Man Is An Island”. Mike Donehey, the lead singer for Tenth Avenue North, released a devotion in the form of a video journal that relates to this song. These two releases from Tenth Ave are both related to the post “Uncovering Loneliness” that I wrote a few weeks ago. Take a look, it’s pretty amazing:


Uncovering Loneliness

Life is a very interesting piece of work that God has created. There are so many connections between different things throughout time, relationships, love, happiness, anger, confusion, and loneliness. Loneliness is a tough feeling to have. It doesn’t hit you right away, it just slowly eats its way into your life and then you feel completely lost once you truly recognize it. I would guess that loneliness is the number one cause for suicides in America. Loneliness is also probably a small reason as to what has caused Facebook and Twitter to become so popular. Loneliness is a devastating problem.


Where does loneliness come from?

Seriously… think about where it comes from.


This is just my train of thought here. I have looked at the scriptures and have seen a small pattern woven through them. Why would God create us? God created us for a purpose, right? Give glory to him (Romans 11:36, 1 Cor 10:31), obey him (Luke 11:28), and bringing others to Him (Mat 28:16-20). Those are all very closely related and our other purposes are all based around those. But think about this: why did he want us? Why did he create us in the first place? Why does he want us to be alive and live eternally? You see, he wanted us because He wanted to be loved, just like we want to be loved. And it means so much more when those people choose to love us, just like it means so much more when God gives us the choice to love Him or reject Him.

Loneliness. It just shows us that we need others, just like God needs others. Tenth Avenue North just released a new EP with the song No Man is an Island, which speaks about the loneliness we may feel. But that loneliness is just a mental feeling if we just realize that God is always there with us. Yes, we may be able to have other earthly friends but God is there, just waiting for you to come to Him and be eternally satisfied. 

Mike Donehey, the lead singer for Tenth Avenue North, went into a little bit of there new song with Air1, a christian radio station, and he said some really encouraging stuff regarding loneliness.

“You’re made like God. That’s why you feel lonely. You’re made for others.” That quote really hit me. I had never related God with loneliness until I heard that, but it is so beautiful.

So what we need to realize with all of this information is that we have God with us all the time. No matter what we go through, God has us in His hands and won’t let us go. He will be By Your Side whenever you fall, whenever you are struggling, and whenever you have everything going right. In every circumstance, whether you have earthly friends or not, you have God. Hold on to that and bury that deep in your heart so you never lose sight of that. Then realize that is something to share and not hold by your self. Other people are hurting and struggling too. Let’s share the love of God and help others escape their loneliness.